The wonderful world of Project Manager

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So, project management. What is project management? These where the first thoughts when I was introduced to the wonderful world of scope, cost and schedule. I was studying Network Infrastructure Design and project management was one of the courses. I was immediately intrigued by the consistent and structured methodology. The course was based on PRINCE2® which is a process based framework. Later during my daily job as IT specialist I was introduced with the Project Management Body of Framework (PMBOK)® of the Project Management Institution. This methodology is competence and knowledge based.

I have both certificates and it makes my life much easier in the field. In both methodologies is the project management triangle of scope, cost and schedule the way to quality. Each customer is using its own methodology. Some PRINCE2®, some PMBOK® and others are doing both. The different experiences has lead to an adoption of a mixture project management style. I’m using both of best worlds.

As mentioned earlier, the frameworks are created for making your life easy. Each project has a begin and an ending. All the steps in between are described in the methodologies. At different steps in the methodology the usage of templates are prescribed. Which I highly recommend to use the templates in your advantage and create your own personal archive. Because, every project will need the same templates again. If the template is not fitting your next project adjust it to your own style. The templates are free to download online at the many project management sites. I store the used templates at my online storage archive so that they can be accessed from everywhere.

Besides the project management certificates, the experience counts the most. Proof yourself by doing as much as possible projects. No matter if the projects are big or small. All experience will provide you the luggage of your backpack in the journey as project manager. Which will make you  the all-round project manager.

I would like to close my first blog by sharing what I like the most about project management: No day is the same at the office!

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