Perform lessons learned

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It is imperative that lessons learned from each IT room migration event, especially rehearsals, are passed to future IT room migration events therefore formalization of the lessons learned process is a key activity.

Lesson Learned

A lesson learned is knowledge or understanding gained by experience. The experience may be positive, as in a successful rehearsal or IT room migration, or negative, as in a mishap or failure. A lesson must be significant in that it has a real or assumed impact on operations; valid in that is factually and technically correct; and applicable in that it identifies a specific design, process, or decision that reduces or eliminates the potential for failures and mishaps, or reinforces a positive result.


  1. Collate lessons learned from all parties.
  2. Perform lessons learned review.
  3. Modify runbooks from lessons learned including validated timings.
  4. Document and publish lessons learned findings and recommendations.

Hints and tips

  • Actually do something with the lessons learned, don’t just write them down!
  • Changes and improvements may be in many diverse areas: communications, documentation, plan timings, etc.
  • Factor in the time to apply the lessons learned in the planning materials and run-up activities to the next event.
  • Be aware that not every lesson can be learned during a migration event rehearsal, the only thing that got rehearsed was the roll-back plan. Therefore anticipate and project what will happen when the ‘go live’ route is followed.

Activity output

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