Monitor post migration systems health

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Following successful handover to service delivery the IT room migration team will be expected to support any hyper-care support activities or other incidents that may arise due to migration.

Hyper-care support

After the migration, the administrators and business users can to perform the user acceptance testing. Explicit confirmation that all systems are operating as expected is essential. When the storage devices, servers, databases, and applications are up and running, the test scripts can be initiated. Track and triage all issues of the IT room migration for proactive troubleshooting. Remember, this is the first opportunity for the user community to interact with the migrated system. Any change can impact performance and need careful support. By conducting user acceptance testing, it proves the success rate as 100 percent of the IT room migration.

Conclude Support Period

IT room migration can cause issues to surface a week or two later for users. It is important to keep the IT room migration team available for an appropriate period to ensure full stabilization of the complete IT room and for regular operations staff to familiarize themselves with the new environment.


  1. Perform incident management in conjunction with the service delivery team.
  2. Log and prioritize all incidents.
  3. Identify and implement necessary workarounds to restore service.
  4. Perform Root Cause Analysis and inform service delivery of problem resolution actions.
  5. Track and report on incidents and their status.

Hints and tips

  • Hyper-care support by the IT room migration team should be limited to a max of one week post migration.

Activity output

  • Incident and problem management reports and management information.

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