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Via the businessinsider.com article “15 must-read books by tech CEOs that will give you a peek inside their brilliant minds” it provides you the must-read tech business books with interesting stories of the greatest tech companies around. One interesting book is the story of Marc Benioff’s Behind the Cloud: The Untold Story of How Salesforce.com Went from Idea to Billion-Dollar Company-and Revolutionized an Industry. This guy is a true example of living to the highest standards made possible by yourself. His company is based on his own created principles and values. With one of them the V2MOM principle which could be of much value in program management. (For the V2MOM principle explained please read the businessinsider.com article “These are the five questions Salesforce asks itself before every big decision”). In his book in Play #100: Use V2MOM to Focus Your Goals and Align Your Organization the following can be applied in your own program managament methodology “Vision” and “Leadership & Stakeholder Engagement” processes:

“I (Marc Benioff) went out to look for help. I soughtwisdom from leadership gurus, personal development gurus, and even spiritual gurus.Over time, I realized that many of these seemingly disparate sources shared striking similarities. I looked to employ these common threads in my own work, and over time I developed them into my own management process, V2MOM, an acronym that stands for vision, values, methods, obstacles, and measures. This tool (pronounced ‘‘V2 mom’’) has helped me achieve my goals in my past work and helps make salesforce.com a success. Although there are many leadership paradigms and frameworks available to follow, V2MOM offers a new simplicity. It is easy to digest, unlike other programs that take longer to understand than they do to implement. V2MOM enabled me to clarify what I was doing and communicate it to the entire company as well. The vision helped us define what we wanted to do. The values established what was most important about that vision; it set the principles and beliefs that guided it (in priority). The methods illustrated how we would get the job done by outlining the actions and the steps that everyone needed to take. The obstacles identified the challenges, problems, and issues we would have to overcome  to achieve our vision. Finally, the measures specified the actual result we aimed to achieve; often this was defined as a numerical outcome. Combined, V2MOM gave us a detailed map of where we were going as well as a compass to direct us there. Essentially, V2MOM is an exercise in awareness in which the result is total alignment. In addition, having a clarified direction and focusing collective energy on the desired outcome eliminate the anxiety that is often present in times of change.”

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